Bubbaís Stir Fry Cabbage (Down Home Style)


OK, so you got meat, right? Thatís cool but you gotta have something to go with it. Keeping with the fast and simple thing, here it :


Finely shred Ĺ head of cabbage, set aside.


In a wok, brown Ĺ Lb of Breakfast Sausage (I like to use ďHotĒ from Jimmy Dean) in a TBS of olive oil (helps it cook faster and tastier)


Add cabbage to wok and stir fry. While you are stir frying, add 2-3 Tbs of butter (because it TASTES BETTER THAT WAY& BECAUSE YOU CAN!). Donít over-cook.


Salt and pepper to taste.


Serves 2-3 (HAH! Louise and I split it.)


Really Easy Cabbage


Another easy, cheap side dish.


To a dutch oven, melt 3 TBS of butter over medium heat. Add 1 head of Cabbage which has been coarsely chopped. Salt and Pepper generously (lotís of black pepper) and reduce heat to ULTRA low. Just let it simmer for Ĺ hour or so. I usually start this at the beginning when I am preparing supper and itís not demanding in terms of watching it. If you go a little over, no problem itís still great.


Serves 3-4 as a side dish.