Here is a letter that I sent to Just Born, Inc., the mfr of Marshmallow Peeps. You know that they didn't even answer the letter, much less publish the recipe. I have been working on perfecting this recipe for years and this is the thanks I get? Anyway, here it is:

Dear Fellow Peepsters:

Cool website but I think it could benefit from a recipe that is a favorite recipe of my son and mine.  It is called:

 "Blow Torch" Peeps

Equipment Propane Blow Torch and Match or Lighter

Ingredients: Marshmallow Peeps in your favorite color. We prefer white or yellow.


1. A day or two before serving, with a fork, pierce the package of Peeps 1-2 times. This lets the Peeps dry out just a bit and they are a little less tricky to prepare.

2. Light blow torch and adjust to medium flame.

 3. Roast Peeps about 8-10 inches from flame. The Peeps WILL ignite. Simply blow out and continue until desired browness is achieved.

4. Allow to cool slightly (not too cool or you lose the effect) and enjoy!


1. Kids, don't do this without adult supervision (you will have to look up "Adult" in the dictionary as I haven't a clue).

2. Blow out flaming Peeps right away to avoid blackening.

3. You can use a metal fork but DO NOT eat the Peeps directly from the fork. Should you disregard this last bit of information, you will hear a hissing sound, smell the aroma of meat cooking, and feel a very sharp pain on your lips as you remove the Peeps from the fork into your mouth. As far as I can tell (I have only tried this once), painful blisters will erupt on your lips and cause several days of discomfort.

Additional Peep Factoid:

Peeps are great party fun in the microwave! Place a Peep of your favorite color on a paper plate. PAPER only please! Set in microwave and cook on HIGH power for 30-40 seconds and watch closely to enjoy the "Incredible Expanding Peep". After about 20 seconds, the Peep will then shrink and become quite tossable. That's the reason for the paper plate. Kids, don't try this without adult supervision. OK?